Recognizing, Understanding & Supporting INDIVIDUALS WITH DEMENTIA

This course will allow participants to:

  • Build knowledge and skills to effectively meet the needs of the elderly population affected by Dementia.
  • Increase professional marketability.
  • Fulfills CE requirements for many professionals.
  • Differentiates you as an individual with knowledge, skills and a commitment to senior care.

Targeted for family members, caregivers of elderly, and/or anyone suffering from dementia. Learn how to better understand, communicate, and provide assistance to enrich the individual’s quality of life, your relationship, and minimize stress.

Course content includes:

  • An overview of the types of Dementia
  • Classifications of Dementia
  • Warning Signs for each type of Dementia
  • Delirium and Dementia
  • Depression as it relates to Dementia
  • Communicating with a Dementia affected individual
  • Eating and Drinking Tips when caring for someone with Dementia
  • Assisting with the personal hygiene of someone with Dementia
  • Behavior changes, causes, and suggestions on how to care for the individual with Dementia.
  • Risk Factors that may cause the development of Dementia
  • Completion Certificate